What Are the Key Technologies of Mobile Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems That Need to Be Solved Urgently?

What Are the Key Technologies of Mobile Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems That Need to Be Solved Urgently?


In this article, RENON specifically shared the key technologies urgently needed to solve the mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage system, so that everyone can play its due operational efficiency in the investment and use.

 the safety precautions for selecting and installing battery energy storage systems

The mobile energy storage system is an energy storage device that integrates an energy storage battery system, a battery management system, an energy management system, and a transportation platform. It has the characteristics of flexibility, quick response, and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in power supply, emergency communications, important activities, rescue and disaster relief, military command, field exploration, and other fields.

In some application areas, such as ensuring short-term power supply for key facilities and adjusting load curves in seasonal areas, mobile power storage systems must be adopted. Mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage systems have relatively large requirements in different multi-dimensional scenarios. In view of the diversification of application scenarios and the complexity of the environment, higher requirements are put forward for the comprehensive performance of mobile energy storage systems.

The mobile lithium battery energy storage system can be widely used in the fields of power system transmission, distribution, and distributed new energy. The modular design makes it easy to move to meet the reliability requirements of the power supply load, which improves the satisfaction of power supply services and expands the scope of energy services. It can improve the utilization rate of renewable energy, promote ecological environment protection, etc., and have good social benefits and development prospects.

At present, mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage systems need to solve the following key technologies in time in order to achieve their due operational efficiency in terms of investment and use.

1. Quality and safety

The quality and safety of lithium-ion batteries must be the first consideration because now different manufacturers can provide different specifications of lithium-ion batteries, but do not pay attention to the overall safety performance. The lithium-ion heat-insulating and flame-retardant designed and manufactured by RENON have good performance in overall structure and heat dissipation.

2. Selection of lithium battery

There are also huge differences in the models of lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by different manufacturers, and there are still certain differences in product performance, battery abuse, and even some energy storage technology standards are not strictly implemented, which can easily lead to lithium-ion batteries. The performance difference is extremely large, and even the consistency is poor. Therefore, in terms of model selection, we also need to consider multiple factors.

3. Battery management technology

For the management of the full battery installation cycle, there is a problem that the information collection is inaccurate, and the status assessment will affect the operation of the entire system. Therefore, the realization of a high-precision, long-term and stable lithium-ion battery management system is also a key to the safety application of mobile energy storage.

4. Uniform thermal field

The battery thermal field simulation of the entire lithium battery energy storage system has particularly high requirements for temperature. We need to evenly cover the thermal field in the entire system. This is also the focus of the safe and efficient operation of energy storage.

5. Safety protection

Lithium-ion batteries need to be protected against thermal runaway, and a diaphragm is added to isolate the temperature and heat. However, excessive protection can also lead to heat accumulation. Reliable heat dissipation design and comprehensive protection should be the guarantee of the energy storage mobile security strategy.

Product features of mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage system

(1) High energy density and good battery core consistency;

(2) Modular design, high maintainability;

(3) Graphical man-machine interface, easy to control;

(4) Safe and reliable BMS management system;

(5) Good heat dissipation management system;

(6) Long cycle life, environmental protection, no heavy metals, noise, and waste gas pollution;

(7) Emergency power supply, which can save peak and valley electricity prices, and has a long life cycle.

The new generation of intelligent mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage systems truly realizes the system integration of "peak cutting and valley filling + power protection + emergency + standby + capacity expansion + intelligent charging + mobile rescue" multiple applications.

In addition to emergency repairs for emergencies such as disasters and mining accidents, and power supply guarantee for major political power protection activities, mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage system can also provide emergency backup power for big data centers, hospitals, airports, and communications.

The lithium battery energy storage system provided by RENON has excellent performance and long service life and can be used in many fields.

As a professional manufacturer of lithium battery products, RENON has a number of patents and independently developed technologies and is in a leading position in the industry. We are equipped with a professional quality inspection system that can control the quality of our products in an all-around way. At the same time, we will formulate effective solutions according to the actual needs of users. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately!