What Are the Design Principles of Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems?

What Are the Design Principles of Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems?


This article shares the design principles of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems for everyone to learn and reference.

battery energy storage systems will face in the development of renewable energy

In recent years, the new energy industry has developed rapidly. The application scenarios of lithium-ion batteries can be divided into three categories: consumption, power, and energy storage. At present, energy storage battery technology is developing rapidly, and the field of lithium-ion battery energy storage has also been closely watched. If we want to design a lithium-ion battery energy storage system with excellent performance, we need to take into account the following design principles.

1. Configuration description of energy storage system

Battery category, battery capacity, battery voltage, BMS, inverter type, monitoring system, battery grounding layout, AC-DC coupling, grid-connected/off-grid, system function, manufacturer's description, material safety data sheet.

2. Specific requirements of energy storage system

2.1 Requirements for battery storage location

(1) Battery storage space

Consider physical dimensions, weight (load-bearing), structure, ventilation, environment (temperature, direct sunlight, weather, humidity). Open space for easy maintenance, no flammables, batteries, PCS, and other equipment for easy access through the door.

(2) Battery case

The battery cabinet and rack must be firmly grounded; Lockable screen doors prevent electrical contact; The vertical and diagonal parts of the battery rack/cabinet should be reinforced to ensure sufficient strength.

(3) Protective screen or fence

Ensure sufficient mechanical strength.

2.2 Cable

The shorter the power cable, the better, to reduce the voltage drop caused by the wire resistance. The cross-sectional area of the cable must be able to withstand the maximum current without damaging the cable insulation. At the same time meet the short-circuit protection requirements. The power cables of the parallel battery packs should be the same length and have the same cross-sectional area.

2.3 Battery array isolation

The isolating switch and circuit breaker are arranged outside the battery cabinet, and the closer they are to the battery tabs, the better. To achieve isolation and circuit protection in a single device, a fuse + isolating switch configuration can be used.

Each string of batteries has an independent fuse + isolation switch so that the failure of this string of batteries does not affect the work of other strings of batteries, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. Each string of batteries is color-coded.

Fuses, circuit breakers, and disconnectors are selected according to the DC current level and fault current.

2.4 Identification

Instrumentation, information, alarm, isolation, and protective equipment shall be correctly and permanently marked with their purpose and purpose, and shall be placed in a convenient, visible, and accessible location for those who need it.

(1) Restricted access sign

(2) Battery voltage and short-circuit current signs

(3) Signs of emergency handling methods such as burning and fire

(4) Shutdown program logo

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