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Is the RENON Batterie safe?

RENON always considers safety as its first priority when designing, manufacturing the products. We keep innovation in the BMS technology to ensure our products with extreme performance and the best safety. Full ranges of Home ESS products have been certified under the UL1973 standard.

Why does RENON use LFP battery chemistry?

LFP is considered as the safest lithium chemistry due to its good energy density and wide operation temperature range. What's more, the cycle performance of LFP is significant battery than other chemistries. Therefore, we prefer to choose LFP for the Home ESS application.

How often should I plan on charging and discharging the Energy Storage System (ESS)

RENON lithium battery is able to be used on daily basis to ensure users a high return on investment. When the ESS is not in use, it's recommended to do the recharging every 6 months to prevent energy loss.

How do I know the Battery is working?

Most of the RENON lithium battery comes with an LCD screen, when the battery is working, the parameter will show on the screen. Users can also monitor the operation status via EMS Tools on the PC.

Will I still need a grid connection?

RENON lithium battery supports both fully off-grid and grid-tied installation.

Do I need to maintain the battery?

No, RENON lithium battery is maintenance free

Do you provide customized solutions?

Yes, please contact our sales representative.

What exactly is an inverter?

The inverter converts the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into grid-compliant alternating current. Either for own consumption or for feeding into the public grid. In our shop we offer you the high-quality inverters from our partner "Delios". Further information about our inverters can be found in our shop: Products - Inverters.

Can I install the battery without having Solar PV panels?

Yes, you can. Panels are not needed to have a RENON ESS. But, to get the absolute best result for energy saving and emergency power features, batteries provide more benefits when used in conjunction with PV Panels.

Is the ESS battery system "smart home ready"?

Yes, the system is ready and offers all possibilities via CAN-communication.

Is the ESS battery technology safe?

Safety is RENON’s top priority. Numerous protective features have been built into the product’s software and hardware to ensure safe and reliable operation for years to come. Our batteries use the safest chemistry available LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion Phosphate) and the entire system is protected by multiple safety levels for maximum safety.

What happens to the battery at the end of use?

The battery needs to be recycled.

Is the ESS system suitable for both new and existing systems?

The system can be integrated into both, existing and new installations.

Can the system be used as stand-alone and/or a back-up (emergency power system)?

Yes, with the respective converter.