What Supports can I get from RENON?

What Supports can I get from RENON?

Marketing Supports

All the marketing materials from the Supplier will be open to the Distributor, including datasheets, manuals, flyers, photos, videos, etc. The Supplier will help the Distributor market on Supplier’s Social Media Accounts.

Inventory Supports

Supplier agrees to support inventory to the Distributor on an order basis. The supported inventory quantity should be up to 20% of the latest purchase quantity. The payment of the inventory from the Distributor to the Supplier can be done after the inventory sold out or should be done within 45 days after the sight of the B/L copy, whichever comes first.

Event Supports

The Distributor is able to get Credit from the Supplier for the same amount as the cost of participating in Exhibitions, Advertisings, Sales Conferences, or other Marketing Events per year. Bills, Invoices, or other official documentation for these Events are required to be submitted to the Supplier. The Credit amount should not exceed 1% of the annual purchase amount and the Credit can be used in new purchases once it’s generated.

Strategy Supports

Supplier is willing to help the Distributor achieve local production by setting up a joint venture company. Supplier will provide supports among production, technology, after-market service, and other necessary areas.